Coding blog post!

Blog Questions Week 6:

Summarise your coding experience. Then answer the following:

  1. What did you learn from your coding challenge experience?

That you have to consider every move that the computer has to offer because generally, they put it there for a reason to get used. Also that most of the time it is the simplest options that are the ones that will complete the challenge.

2. What did you find really challenging?

Finding the most efficient solution to the challenge.

3.  Where could you apply to code to your project?

If we did 3D printing then that could be a form of coding.

How to prevent dogs bitting? (STEM)

How to prevent dog bitting

Socialization is a good way to help prevent your dog from biting. Socializing your pet helps your dog feel at ease in different situations. By introducing your dog to people and other animals while it’s a puppy, it feels more comfortable in different situations as it gets older. It’s also important to use a leash in public to make sure that you are able to control your dog.

Educating yourself and the children you know on how, or if, they should approach a dog is also very important when it comes to preventing dog bites. Information is one of the best ways to prevent dog bites.

Dig Deeper into your top area

1.Whats going on locally, nationally globally?

Locally people are getting hurt be aggressive dogs. Nationally, Dogs are getting put down because they have seriously hurt someone. Globally, People are disliking types of dog breeds because of their past and think types of breeds are dangerous.

2.What changes could make a positive impact?

Dogs stop biting their for humans and dogs aren’t getting hurt and then people change there opinion  on certain dog breads.

3.What inventions already exist in this field?

Different training has been invented to stop biting but this is good if you don’t have the time for training.

4.What recent developments have there been?

Dog only listens when there are treats.

5.What key challenges?

Our dog might ignore the solution and keep biting which would be a challenge


Lion lights

  1. The most important point was that the cows weren’t getting eating by lions and the lions weren’t getting killed by humans
  2. I am not finding anything challenging
  3. How did he learn stuff if he was only a Shepard and didn’t go to school.
  4. That lions were scared of the light because they thought it was the boy walking around the fence and they know that they are stronger then him.

Plastic and bacteria

  1. The most important point was that plastic is getting out of control and these girls found a bacteria that eats and lives of plastic
  2. I find it challenging to know how we would have to have a lot of that bacteria so that it could eat the plastic that we have as we have a lot.
  3. What can we as individuals do to get rid of plastic all up
  4. That a bacteria which is natural could live of and eat and un natural food

How I harnessed the wind

  1. The most important point was that he made a machine out of pretty much nothing and created a machine to pump water.
  2. It is challenging to imagine my family starving and eat only one meal a day. That would have been really challenging for him.
  3. What would he like to be in the future?
  4. How he saw objects to make a machine out of old junk!

Austria, Skiing

Hi Year 6’s,

Here is the post to help you in Geography. So far I have been to 4 countries and now in Austria. I have been to Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea and Austria. We will be staying here for 6 weeks and have 4 to go. It is really cold here getting down to minus 20 degrees so we have had to take some days of skiing. But spring skiing it kicking in and the sun is coming out. The great thing is the Europeans have school now so the mountain is empty and ski school in is too so we are getting one on one lessons! YAY!

Hope year 6 is super fun and that it is not too hot over there!

From: Mia:)

P.S. Also I have some bad news I have sadly lost Lucy! She was in my backpack and now she is travelling the world in some other country! Sorry:(

My Dream Job!

My dream job would be to own a little, funky Juice bar. It would be called, Coconut head! 

It would be nice and healthy with organic produce only, also with live music and outdoor seating. The juice bar would definately be on the beach or near becuase that is what attracts people and customers esspecily after they have just had a swim!


Freshly squeezed jucies

Organic smoothies

Nibbles and snacks

Also I want to be a waitress or the chef that juices the juices. I think it would be fun because I make juices and smoothies alot and it would be nice and easy so I wouldn’t be stressed!

My feedback

Hi Lily,
I think all your points were very persuasive. Also, you gave the reader heaps of examples so that they really got what you were saying.
From: Mia

Hi Sharday,
I really valued the way that you have shown your understanding about how every child benefits from owning a pet. Also how you have shared your information.

Every child benefits from a pet!

Every child benefits from owning a pet

  1. I think that every child benefits from owning a pet because they will learn responsibly like when you have to take care of the pet. Whether it is a fish to a dog there is plenty of work that comes with it but also heaps of cuddles.
  2. You will also learn life lessons like when they pass away you will learn to make the most of life with them.
  3. You will also learn routines like what times you clean the tank, what times you feed them and what times you bath them and so on.

Farewell week 10 post!

1. How many posts did you write?

On my blog, I have 10

2. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?


3. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?


4.Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

I got two comments and they were both on different posts so they were the most popular posts. But I know the only reason that I got comments was that I told them two. 

5.Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

The week nine post “have you improved?”. I really liked it because I love to travel and I really enjoyed writing about it and telling everyone how much I love it. 

6. Did you change blog themes at all and why?

I changed my background on my blog and also I changed a quote under my name and header image.